Business Operations and Financial Services Team:

Business Operations and Financial Services is a part of our Real Estate and Facilities Division with Ruth Rubi as the Executive Director. The department is comprised of a Finance Director, Sr. Business Systems Analyst, Human Resources personnel, Accountants, Executive Assistant, and support staff.


BO-FS Org Chart

 BO-FS Team:

Name/Title E-mail Phone Number
Ruth Rubi, Executive Director, Business Operations (305) 284-5020
Debbie Riedmiller, Executive Assistant (305) 284-5314
Ana Quintana, Sr. Business Analyst (305) 284-1004
Norma Perera, Director, Finance (305) 284-6820
Ivis Lehrman, Accounting Manager (305) 284-1640
Gabe MacRoberts, Human Resources Manager (305) 284-6769
Jackie Lopez, Human Resources Generalist (305) 284-8807
Miriam Padron, Sr. Accountant (305) 284-1501
Kristy Martinez, Sr. Accountant (305) 284-2504
Annia Rodriguez, Sr. Accounting Assistant (305) 284-4710
Natalie Sacramento, Sr. Accounting Assistant (305) 284-4708
Clarice Lawrence, Accounting Assistant (305) 284-4028
Marilyn Whitehead, Secretary (305) 284-3051